A Woman’s Diamond Engagement Ring

A woman’s diamond engagement ring says a lot about how her man perceives her. If he has some basic emotional intelligence, and an eye for detail, it will strongly influence his choice of ring. The shape and cut of different stones offers all kinds of subtle choices. But for many men it will be the settings that they think about most. Engagement rings for women usually have gold or platinum settings, with most couples opting for gold.

Design your own Ring and Choose the Setting

This is where the selection process gets interesting, particularly if you choose to design your own ring. Ask the average guy in the street about gold and he’ll tell you that it’s yellow and expensive and looks nice. Then he’ll probably start thinking about food, football or beer. More sophisticated men might mention white gold, but may be a bit vague about the whole subject. In fact the big online stores offer several kinds of gold settings. Couples can choose from traditional yellow gold, white gold and, perhaps the most beautiful of all, rose gold.

What is Rose Gold?

Most gold that’s on sale today is yellow. Its purity is measured in karats and the softest purest yellow gold is 24K. If other metals are added to the gold to create an alloy, the colour of the gold base changes. Rose gold is typically 75% yellow gold, 22.5% copper and 2.5% silver. The very best rose gold is 22k, but most women’s engagement rings with rose gold settings will be 18kt.

White gold is also an alloy or mixture of metals. The white colour comes from the addition of nickel or palladium. White gold engagement rings often won’t contain nickel because of the danger of allergic reactions. A minority of people can experience dermatitis it their skin is in close contact to nickel.

Ultimately the choice of setting for a woman’s engagement ring is a matter of personal taste. But it’s worth considering whether the colour of the setting matches her hair and eye colour or complexion. A woman who loves to dress elegantly in tight black dresses might prefer a white gold or platinum setting. A woman who wants to express her warm personality or creativity might look stunning with a pinkish yellow rose gold ring. Any man who can mention a few of these details – and spin them into a compliment – will win a lot of points in the romance stakes!


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