Surprise your Girl with a Diamond Engagement Ring

A lot of guys get very nervous when the time comes to buy their girlfriend a diamond engagement ring. It’s a special moment and a lot could go wrong, especially if you’re planning to surprise her. There are usually two big worries: what if she says no, and what if she doesn’t like the ring…

If she says no, you’d better hope that you chose an online store with a 30 days returns policy. If she doesn’t like the ring you’ll also have a problem. Fortunately there are a few basic rules that you can follow to make sure that you choose the right ring.

A big question is how much do I spend on her engagement ring? Nobody wants to look cheap in front of the woman he loves. In fact, if you buy a second rate ring, you’ll look cheap in front of the entire world. The first thing that women do when they get an engagement ring is show it to everybody they know. These days that means Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and possibly a few Tweets as well. Unless you want to look very stupid or very cheap you’d better get it right first time!

Most of us don’t have money to burn. If you’re in your 20s you may still have college debts. Most twenty-somethings won’t even be close to their true earning potential either. You’ll probably be trying to save and may even be wondering how you’ll afford a home and kids. A diamond engagement ring is wonderfully romantic gesture and a sign of deep commitment. But it can make a big hole in your bank account.

There’s a golden rule about how much to spend on a diamond engagement ring. The amount is only as much as you can safely afford; but never less than that amount. The second golden rule is to shop around and make your money go further. If you’re an impulse buyer you’ll probably end up settling for second best. Think with your heart, but shop with your head. If you take the time to check out several online jewelry stores you’ll find some great deals. You might find a discontinued line that offers a three stone ring for the price of a one stone ring. The next store might be doing a 25% promotional offer – and so on.

The third golden rule is if in doubt go with a traditional choice. Diamond engagement rings for women are a very old fashioned idea. But even the most modern women secretly loves the old world romance and intimacy of an engagement ring. If you really can’t choose a style, go right back to the basics. A solitaire diamond engagement ring with a yellow gold setting will always look good on any woman.


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