Choosing a Woman’s Engagement Ring

Traditional versus Modern Designs.

Choosing a Woman’s engagement ring is a big moment in your life. It’s also the first really significant milestone in your partnership. There’ll be plenty more big events down the line, like buying your wedding ring. You’ll also celebrate your wedding day and hopefully buy your first home and have your first child. These are all huge life-changing events for every couple, but the magical experience of choosing an engagement ring is unique!

Look like a Princess with your Diamond Ring

For many women, their engagement ring will be the first really expensive piece of jewelry that they ever own. They don’t have any experience of choosing an elegant piece of ‘grown up’ jewellery and can be uncertain about styles. Every woman secretly wants to look like a princess when she wears her engagement ring. But many women also want to make a bold fashion statement and express their individuality.

Woman’s Engagement Ring – Traditional or Modern?

When you’re choosing a woman’s engagement ring one of the first questions will be traditional or modern? There’s an important point here that many women overlook. If you wear a traditional style diamond engagement ring it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a traditional girl. If you choose the right ring it will go with any outfit and look good in any social situation. True style and class fit in everywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing ripped jeans or a designer dress – you’ll look like a woman who deserves diamonds.

Diamonds are forever – So Avoid the Bling!

You might be choosing your diamond engagement ring when you’re twenty- something. But you’ll hopefully still be wearing it when you’re seventy- something. A flashy bling style ring might seem original or daring – but it won’t go the distance. If you’re looking for something unusual or colorful try colored diamonds. You can create some really striking and vibrant combinations of stones and settings that are still tasteful and elegant. The traditional designs of diamond engagement rings have endured for hundreds of years because women love them. Men also love it when their fiancées look like princesses. The bottom line is that you can’t improve on perfection!


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