Ritani Jewelry Review

Settings $200 – $5,000
Stones: $160 – $2,300,000
Shipping: Free FedEx overnight, Free international shipping
Guarantees: Lifetime warranty, 30 day returns
Tools: Diamond price matching, lifetime cleanings

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Ritani Online Jewelry Store

Ritani is a sophisticated online jewelry store that deserves to be much better known. It offers customers an impressive choice of diamonds, engagement rings, wedding rings. There is also a very stylish jewelry display with earrings, bracelets necklaces and fashion rings for women.

Ritani customers can buy off the rack from an inventory of over 400 rings in a range of precious metals. Like most online jewellry stores Ritani offers yellow, white and rose gold with 18kt and 14 kt options. Unusually they also sell palladium rings – something that we haven’t seen too often. Palladium is a precious metal that looks similar to white gold and Ritani has used it to good effect to craft over 60 very elegant diamond engagement rings.

Design your own Diamond Engagement Ring

If you want to design your own diamond engagement ring Ritani makes the whole process a lot of fun. They currently have over 75,000 certified diamonds with 10 categories of shapes. Ritani’s online design tool makes it easy to match stones and settings and quickly create every woman’s dream engagement ring.

We’d recommend a quick visit to the Ritani online education center before you start to try to design the perfect engagement ring. It’s definitely worth reading up on the basics of diamonds and diamond rings. You’re making a once in a lifetime purchase and it pays to make an informed choice.

When you’ve mastered the 4 Cs – cut, color, clarity and carat – you can choose your personal ring style. Ritani emphasizes traditional styles and classic craftsmanship over more modern designs. Most couples seem to prefer classic designs for women’s engagement rings and will love the Ritani range.

Gemstone Engagement Rings

As well as a good choice of solitaire, three stone and halo rings, there are also gemstone engagement rings. This online store delivers several surprises, including offering Swiss blue topaz as a choice of gemstone. The light blue precious stone is particularly elegant in a platinum or white gold setting. If you’re looking for a more unusual or unconventional women’s engagement ring it’s definitely worth checking out. The three stone ruby and diamond combinations with a yellow gold setting are also very striking.

Ritani manages to provide an online jewelry experience that delivers a lot of style and elegance – regardless of budget. If you’ve got the patience to mix and match diamonds and settings you can easily design your dream ring. Even if you’re shopping with a modest budget, you can create a designer quality ring.

Free Shipping and Priority FedEx Delivery

Ritani sends your purchases as a priority FedEx delivery and all shipping is free. We’ve only heard good things about their overall service standard and customer care. If you’re shopping online for a women’s engagement ring Ritani should be one of the first sites that you visit.  


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