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Choosing Engagement Ring Diamonds

Almost every woman wants a diamond engagement ring. It’s a beautiful piece of jewelry that will make you look like a princess. Perhaps even more importantly, it also shows the world how much your man loves you. Choosing engagement ring diamonds and a fairy tale ring at an affordable price can be more challenging. Fortunately there are a few golden rules that make the whole process a lot simpler.

Follow the 5 Cs

The 5 Cs in the world of diamond engagement rings for women are Colour, Cut, Clarity, Carat and Certificate. They are the main criteria that we use to assess the quality and value of cut diamonds.

People usually assume that diamonds are clear and colourless like glass. Most are, but there are also coloured diamonds that come in beautiful, greenish, yellow and orange shades. They are often stunning and can be a real talking point. Rough diamonds of any colour are painstakingly cut into a variety of classic shapes by skilled craftsmen. An ideal or excellent cut gives the finished diamond its flashing, fiery brilliance as it reflects light. Diamonds are also judged by their clarity. The fewer natural flaws that occurred when they were formed the better. Clear flawless diamonds will always sparkle. Carat is simply a unit of weight used to measure diamonds – the higher the carat the higher the price!

Finally, when you’ve decided what you’re looking for in terms of cut, colour, clarity and carat, you need to be sure that each diamond that you look at is certified. If you’re choosing engagement ring diamonds from a major online jewelry store you are guaranteed that they will be.

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